SOFINA CRYSTAL – the purest form of CUt brilliance

Porcelain and crystal have been a very well harmonious duo transforming well-laid tables to festives boards. 

In addition to the SOFINA porcelain collection the SOFINA crystal is also produced by manual work only; each piece is cut by hand, engraved and polished combining the masterly skill of the glass craftmen and the contemporary SOFINA designs.

To start the manufacturing process the wooden mould called the crystal chamber is shaped in lathe in the glass atelier. Within the next production step the crystal glass is coloured or worked by the glass finisher in its crystal form.

After the glass blowing the faceting by the glass cutter is performed. By engraving the designs in the finishing step the glasses, carafes, vases and lanterns transfrom to unique artworks.

Matched to the SOFINA porcelain the trim of some pieces is refined by gold or platinum to create a high quality ensemble of tableware – handmade in Bavaria